Leadership &

Culture Engagement


Those two factors are major contributors to employee engagement and the productivity of your team.  


  • We believe in the importance of a healthy, well-defined culture and the role of leadership in establishing and sustaining that culture.  

  • We can assist you with cultural and leadership assessment and training.  

  • Our book, Engaging Your Team: Lessons in Servant Leadership, is focused on this subject.


Coaching and Mentoring

Regardless of seniority or title, professionals looking to better themselves can benefit from a mentor or coach.  

  • We work with professionals at all stages of their careers on approaches to achieve professional goals and improve personal quality of life.

  • Contact us to discuss how our thirty plus years of experience can help you.  

  • Our book, Engaging Your Team: Lessons in Servant Leadership, shares many valuable examples.


IT Transformation

Do you need to transform your IT applications and infrastructure to embrace the opportunities of Cloud Computing, Agile Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence and Digital strategies?


  • We can help with our experience of building value-based transformation plans to move from computing silos and inefficient architectures to powerful, accretive solutions that drive your business.